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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

WIP/FO/Lesson Learned

Luckily for me and most of Delaware, hurricane Sandy did not hit as hard as we were expecting and we escaped catastrophe. Of course, not everyone was as lucky. I prepared for the hurricane with water, candles, and lots of yarn. :) While lazing around all day, I took the opportunity to knit the day away. Right now I'm working on a set of fall colored dishcloths for a gift. I'm using the Atomic Scrubber cloth pattern from Harvest Moon Designs. When I'm done blocking I'll post. I'm also working on a crochet iPad sleeve as a custom order from my etsy shop. I don't crochet much so it's been a trial but its moving along.

I finished the ear flap hat I was working on for my little girl Brenna. I used a discontinued ball of Peaches and Cream cotton that I'm disappointed I didn't buy more of. I love the pink and brown color scheme. I only used 1 ball. She's with Daddy today so I haven't gotten to see her in it yet, but here it is.


This hat would have only taken me a couple hours, is my lesson learned: So I have this problem where I get distracted easily. I have never knit anything from start to finish without restarting the whole thing because of a mistake or miscalculation, or that I haven't had to tink or rip back. I swear I spend more time going backwards than forwards! So once again, I ran into trouble on the decrease. This is a very simple basic hat with your standard decrease. I used a multiple of 8. I was at the top and almost finished at which time I think I jinxed myself by saying "I'm so close to being done!" Anyway, I noticed my stitch count was uneven between my markers. So I start pulling back to find where I messed up. It was so far back and then my head hurt trying to pick up the pieces and figure out how to move forward so I ended up ripping back to the row before you start the decrease. *sigh* Lesson learned: it is easier and takes less time to count the number of stitches between each marker or the entire row to make sure you have the correct stitch count, than it does ripping out and starting over. Something of course we all know but might not always do. I think most of the time I knit with a hope and a prayer lol. Of course, once I did this, I finished without incident. It was such an easy knit and it's super cute. There's a group out there called Emily's Hats for Hope and if I can find the time, I'd love to make these to donate to the cause.


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