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Thursday, December 20, 2012


I've joined the craze that is Hexipuff Madness. I joined in on the fun that is the beekeepers quilt from Tiny Owl Knits. This really is such a great idea that I couldn't pass it up when I came across it. It's a very simple pattern and such a quick knit. Well...the puffs are lol. The quilt is quite another story lol. But I like the idea of it being a long term project. The quilt consists of these little fun things called Hexipuffs that are about 3 inches across. They look like honeycombs. Each puff uses approx 12-15 yrds depending on how you knit. When you make around 400 or so of them depending on how big you want your quilt to be, you link them together via the pattern and you have a quilt! I've seen people use them to make a bunch of different things like pillows, seat pads, and even a headboard. Even though I've been knitting for a while, and the pattern was a breeze, my first couple hexipuffs came out lacking lol. The pattern suggests size 4 needles so I started there. The first hexi was too small. I went up a needle size but I hadn't gotten used to the pattern so my second hexi was too sloppy. By the third Hexi, I got the hang of it and it came out juuuuust right. Well almost. I had a setback. I got so excited that I closed it without stuffing it! Silly me. I opened it back up and stuffed it but I don't feel I stuffed it enough. Next one I'm going to add more. I used poly fiberfill to stuff it. Im also knitting on 2 16" circular needles which I find I like better for small things as opposed to magic loop.

I'm keeping them in this vase for now which I think is cute. Im considering buying a large glass bowl or vase to throw them in for decoration in the future.

I also went ahead and ordered a project bag off of Etsy for my hexipuff knitting bag that has adorable colorful owls on it. I can't wait until it gets here. I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival like a puppy at the door. When it comes in, I will share.

You can also join the Tiny Owl Knits group on Ravelry for the beekeepers quilt knit-a-long where you can share your progress and pictures of all your beautiful hexipuffs with other beekeepers :) She hosts mini skein swaps as well as other fun events. I hadn't realized it before, but when I looked through Tiny Owl Knits available pattern designs, I realized I had a few of them in my favorites on Etsy. She really has amazing designs.

The Beekeepers quilt has also enabled me to join a the mini skein club from Space Cadet Creations. There are a few options. The single subscription gives you five 20g skeins (enough for 2 hexipuffs) for $28+shipping, and the double which gives you 10 for $54+shipping. Then you choose your colorway. You can opt for the gentle mix, which is most semi-solids in gently varigated colorways that coordinate together, or the wild mix. The wild mix focuses on overall contrast and a wider variegation. I chose the wild mix because I like crazy colors and most of my sock yarn is wild. I figured this would work best when matching her yarn to various yarns I aquire through my etsy obsession.

My subscription starts in January so I hopped on etsy to hold me over until I receive my first shipment. I grabbed some amazing mini skeins from Shiny Sheep Designs.

These are what I used to make my first hexipuffs and I'm a fan. She has an amazing selection of mini skeins in her store in amazing colors. I love that her mini skeins are also enough to make 2 hexipuffs. Some sellers are offering mini skeins that are only 12 yards which is really cutting it close. It doesn't leave much room for error. I will definitely be using Shiny Sheep Designs as a quick fix from now on.

All in all, I love this idea. It's brilliant and a lot of fun!


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Back from Hiatus

I had to take some time off over the holiday to catch up on some things. I spent thanksgiving in NY with family and things have been crazy! So here's what i have accomplished:

I finally finished the Man Scarf!! This seriously took me forever. It was the knit that wouldn't end.

I did block it to stretch it out so the ribbing would be more prominent and because I wanted to open it up and make it wider, but it ended up pulling back in. Next time I think I'm going to add a couple more rows of ribbing so it's wider.

I also crocheted a sleeve for my kindle paperwhite using a free pattern off or ravelry found here.

I used the same pattern to make a Google Nexus 10 cover as a custom order from my Etsy shop.

Currently I'm working on leg warmers, leg warmers, and leg warmers since that's what everyone wants for xmas :) I can't wait to get back to knitting through my ever growing queue. So many things to knit, so little time!