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Monday, October 15, 2012

Projects new and old

So here's some stuff I actually did manage to get done. I finished the "just enough ruffles" scarf for my mom. Here it is.

This scarf has a history. Well, the pattern does. I first came across this scarf when I was in my LYS Stitches with Style. The owners daughter, Ali, was wearing one. It was knitted using the Great Adirondak Yarn Co bamboo cotton yarn. It's a hand painted multicolor yarn and the scarf she was wearing was amazing. So I get the pattern, which is fairly easy to knit, and 2 scarves later, they look nothing like hers. So even though I have multiple skeins of this yarn, I haven't actually made one for myself because my "test" scarves haven't knitted up the way I want. Here are some of the skeins of yarn I have waiting to turn into this scarf. They are roughly 400yrds each and retail for around 40$.


The first time I knitted this pattern, I used a size 9 needle. I'm a tight knitter. The second I used a size 8. Since I still thought it came out weird I thought I'd try a size 7 next. I was at the store to buy yarn for another project and didn't really have this in mind. Strangely coincidentally and lucky for me, their knit along pattern of the month was this scarf! On display was yet again another gorgeous version of this scarf. I grabbed Ali and said HELP! Why isn't mine turning out this way. So, 2 things. 1: she's a loose knitter and used size 9. She suggested I use size 10. 2: she didn't block it. That must be it. Can't think of any other reason. So next time, I will do as she suggested. Stay tuned for that!

So next, here's a super cute hat I knit for my nephew when he was born. It's just a basic hat pattern. I used size 7 needles and magic loop. My gauge was 6 sts/inch to make 13" around. I cast on 78, knit until 4" from brim and decreased every 6. Then I used a pompon maker for the top. I love the effect this yarn has when it's knitted up. The only thing I will modify is the decrease. Next time I'm going to decrease by 8 so it won't be so pointy. That will change my cast on number by a couple stitches.


So on to my current projects. I was approached by a friend of mine who during an etsy session decided she wanted boot toppers. Never heard of them! She sent me some pics and after scaling ravelry, I found a pattern that I though would work. The pattern is called "One Skein Boot Toppers" and can be purchased for $4.50 here:

One Skein Boot Toppers

Here are the designers pictures

I I decided to use a cream or off white shade of cascade 220 superwash. The pattern was fairly easy and came out well. I disagree with the way part of the pattern was worded. It was unnecessarily confusing and I had to use my "phone a friend" to help me out and make sure I understood it right. The pattern consists of a 5 line repeat. Row 2 tells you to knit each stitch as it appears and then tells you which other rows to do this on. Thing is, she should just have repeated the sequence because it's all the same. If you get the pattern you'll see what I mean. This aside it's still a great pattern. I wasn't too fond of the button tab. It stuck out and I felt the need to sew it down. Still love it though and so did my friend. I did block them to give them a professional look even though they stretch and it wasn't really necessary once they're on. I'll be making more of these for sure.

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