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Friday, October 26, 2012

Book Review Knit Notes

How I came to buy this book is actually through a series of unfortunate events. I've been using the Vogue Knitting app for over a year. Let's just say that is the best, most well designed, and most poorly executed app. For me, this app was everything. Every time there is a problem with the app, there is no way to contact he developer and Vogue does an insanely shitty job of keeping up with this app. It honestly sucks and there's no reason for it. Especially since they advertise and promote the app. They should care more. Bt they don't. So when I went to use it this year, I opened it to find it had erased everything! All of my projects notes...gone! What I also loved about it was that, not only did it have a needle and crochet hook inventory, it kept track of what project your needles were on. And your stash. Gone! I read the reviews and everyone is having this problem. Vogue still has done nothing to fix it pissing off tons of customers. So I decided, of course, that I was never going to rely on a computer again. I picked up a blank journal from Barnes and Noble and thought, how the hell am I going to keep this book organized? Then I received via iPad the new Knit Simple Magazine and saw "Knit Notes" advertised in it. I looked it up on amazon and after looking through it (which amazon lets you do for this book) that I'd give it a shot. It cost $10 with free 2 day shipping because I have amazon prime. So here it is

It is spiral bound on the inside with a hard outer cover over the binding so you don't see the spirals.
There's plenty of space to keep notes. It starts with a page for your basic project info. Needles used, type yarn, etc. there is also graph paper which I might not use for every project but it an extra area that I can write extra stuff down on. Then the next set of pages has space for project notes. There's so much room and I love this because when I knit a pattern more than once, I like to keep notes on how that project turned out with the yarn I used and needles so I can take notes on future suggestions. Every project is different when you start changing variables and now I have a place to keep it all. I like how they give you basically 4 pages for a project. So now I feel like I don't have to cram info on little pages and have projects out of sequence and messy because I ran out of room. I love this book and I plan on using it again when I run out of room. He'll, I might even just buy more and use them as different book types, like "scarf book" or "hat book." Needless to say, I'm glad I found this book so soon after my catastrophe. It was such a relief.

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