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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Atomic Scrubber Cloths FO's/CAL with Freshstitches

I finally finished the set of dishcloths I've been working on this past week. Using Lily Sugar and cream, I found the density of this cloth didn't work well as a washcloth because it wouldn't hold a lather, but it worked as an excellent dishcloth. The pattern creates a bumpy texture that is awesome for scrubbing. I'm made set of 3 in brown, orange, and yellow for autumn harvest colors. Weird thing I found with the Lily's yarn, the brown yarn was actually thicker than the other colors. I used my "phone-a-friend" and she said she had the same issue with one of her colors as well, but it wasn't the brown. Weird and duly noted. This caused a slight issue because the brown cloth made with the thicker yarn came out slightly larger than the other. To offset this, when I blocked them, I really stretched out the other two to match the size of the brown one, and the brown one I gently squared off but didn't pull on so as not to increase the size.

I love the way they came out and I love this pattern. The only problem I have with making these is the technique required to create the design is a very tight knit and hard on my hands. My thumbs really cramp and I can't knit them that fast. I made all three of these back to back so from now on I'll have to make only one at a time.

I'm still working on my New York scarf and leg warmers. One day I will get them done! I'm also participating in:


The link is here. There is still time to start as this last week only the materials were given out. I haven't decided what colors I'm going to use yet but I think I'm going to try and use sugar and cream because I have so much of it and I want to use it up. I don't have the proper yardage in any of the other yarn I own and I don't really want to go out and buy more. I'll have to see. It should be fun and challenging since my crochet skills are seriously lacking!


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