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Friday, November 4, 2011

Craft show

Somewhere between all my ravelry swaps (its an addiction) I had to find time to prepare for the craft show we're having on Saturday. It's fairly big with about 3000 people that come through. I had lots of plans to carry a bunch of different items-then I ran out of time. In the end here's what I have. A few soap saver scrubbies, a couple of hand painted skeins of yarn, some stitch markers, and a couple knitting abacus bracelets. Oh and soap. Lots of soap. Over 300 bars of soap that I have been slaving heavily over the past couple of weeks to make and package. I never want to make soap again! But I will. I haven't done a craft show yet so my initial order of soap supplies left me with only about 50 bars. Then I ordered more supplies which took me down to the wire to complete them. I just finished last night. I'm going to try to crochet more scrubbies but I won't have anywhere near what I had hoped to have. I also have about 300$ of yarn that was supposed to be made into pretties to sell. Now it will sit until after I finish my Christmas knitting which, need I say, I'm running out of time for that to? So what do I want for Christmas? Time...or a babysitter so I can knit in my happy place lol hopefully I will sell every bar of soap and it will all be worth it. One can dream, right?

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  1. its going to be great! you will sell a ton of soap. and you know I'm happy to babysit anytime ;)