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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kindle fire!

I had my kindle fire preordered since sept 22. That's a long time to wait! Thankfully amazon took mercy on me and shipped it a day early. So I got mine on nov 16th. It's really something! I've been a kindle fan since the very first kindle where everyone who I tried to tell how amazing the kindle was scoffed at me for not reading a "real" book. Well 3 kindles and an iPad later...who's laughing now?! Anyway the kindle fire is a great device, especially for the price. That's what I have to keep reminding myself of. Being that I have had an iPad, which I sold because I felt it was an overpriced big iPhone, I'm a little judgmental in the fact that I keep comparing it to the iPad, which is wrong. The kindle fire is not a tablet really. It's a reading device able to deliver colored content such as the ability to read magazines, has web access which you an use to read blogs etc, and has access to some apps from the android store. The apps that are kindle ready are mainly small ones meant to give the device some access to popular games such as angry birds, and some utilities such as note pads, flashlight apps, and other apps that really aren't what you am call "heavy". I didn't miss my iPad until I had the kindle fire. The only reason for this was the apps I am missing and the ability for the iPad to sync info with my phone. But for 650$ good riddance to the brick. Especially without the ability for flash player. I do miss how developers default to the iTunes app store so the amount of well thought out useful apps at my disposal and access to podcasts was plentiful. For example, vogue knitting magazine has it's magazine available through an app on the iPad but not on the fire. I'm hoping this is temporary. There are also a multitude of knitting apps on the iPhone/ iPad and this is where I have to remind myself that the fire is not a tablet/iPad. And it didn't cost me my left arm. It was highly affordable and gives me a closer connection to amazon, who I love. and now I can read colored magazines. I just hope more become available. Zinio, the magazine app does have access to interweaves magazines so that is getting me by so far. I love my kindle fire and I hope people realize that it is a great platform to add their content to. As far as tech specs go, it's a little heavy. I wish it was the size of the iPad so the magazine pages would be bigger and my clumsy fingers would be able to type on, but it's smaller size makes it easier to carry around and easier to hold in one hand. You can't read it in the sun which I already knew so I won't be getting rid of my kindle 3. The battery lasts a pretty darn long time. 7 hrs with the wifi on so I do have to charge it every night if I use it all day but that's fine. Right now the battery is doing much better than my stupid iPhone 4S so there you go. It's the first kindle fire so it's quite good for that. I'm sure the next ones will be amazing because amazon listens to its customers and grants their wishes so I expect the kindle fire 2 to be incredible. And since this one only cost me $200, I won't cry when I want to buy the new one. This one will make a nice hand-me-down or a quick cheap sale on Craigslist. For now, *come on baby light my fire* couldn't help myself


  1. wow, sounds great! lmk when you are ready to ditch it and get a new one, i'll trade you in spinning supplies ;)!
    Happy Thanksgiving and big kisses to mah bebe

  2. I have a Nook Color and I love it. I started with the original Kindle but didn't like that I couldn't have knitting patterns with charts on it. I'd love to have a look at the Kindle Fire for a possible future purchase.