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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Went to the yarn store...again

I'm pretty sure I'm a yarn addict but I'm not willing to admit it yet. I was reading the yarn harlot's book "knitting rules" and she made me feel better about my problem by telling me I don't have a problem! Yay! More yarn! So I picked up some addi turbo crochet hooks I've been waiting on to arrive. I don't crochet much but when I do, I like these needles the best. I got a Pom Pom maker because my first attempt on the Pom on Brenna's hat was a disaster but I didnt have enough yarn to fix it. I also bought a ball of pink cascade 220 because I picked up verypinkknits pattern to knit worsted weight socks on dpn's with her video tutorial and I am going to knit socks! I mean it! For 8$ for the pattern I better. Then I also picked up some cascade 220 in heathered grey to knit some "man" scarves. I also picked up a beautiful skein of cascade soft spun in a heathered teal. Just because I liked it. I found some baby alpaca Handpainted balls that were blur and purple I had to have as well. See, I don't have a problem...

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