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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New App

So I did get the new iPhone 4s. I couldn't resist. I buy them all. That's besides the point though. Amidst upgrading to ios5 I realized a horrible thing happened. My vogue knitting app that I live and die by, crashed repeatedly and refuses to work. I use that app for everything! It has a full inventory of all my needles as well as project notes on everything I knit. This caused me to search for a new solution. Luckily, necessity led me to find this amazing new app called jknit. This app goes above and beyond what vogue did and does it better. It has a learning curve so don't expect to jump right into the app and start using it. First you must go to the website and make a free account. Then watch the tutorial videos and join the ravelry group. The support in the rav group is amazing. Anyway, you input your pattern piece by piece, row by row, and when you use the row counters to progress, the app tells you what you should be doing that row. This way if you have to rip back, you know what you should be doing, everything is planned ahead of time making up for what would be a headache later. I will gladly spend the time setting up the pattern for the ease of what I'm gaining in return. You could use the app on your iPhone to put in the pattern but I think it's quicker to do it on the computer and then import it to your phone. No more carrying around paper. The pattern is with you, letting you know where you left off. I'm so glad I found it

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