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Monday, December 12, 2011


Phew! I got a minute to breath. Not really. I'm still knitting furiously to get all my Xmas projects done. I've been doing nothing in what little spare time I have but knitting. So, so far I was able to complete two scarves I made for my mother to gift to her in-laws. One is made using chunky mochi in intense rainbow and following the free ravelry pattern "chunky ribs and ruffles". I cast on extra stitches to widen it an extra pattern repeat. I like it better this way I think. It's basically an eve's rib or mistake rib pattern with ruffles. It's one of my favorite patterns because it's do quick and easy. It makes a great gift. I used 4 balls of yarn and size 13 needles. I wet blocked it after to stretch it out and make it longer as it was pretty short. I was able to stretch it pretty far and now it's long enough to get a couple wraps in. The second scarf was knit using Llama luxury, a 100% baby llama yarn. The reason for this yarn is cute. My moms mother-in-law has a llama farm! They love llamas. You'd actually be surprised how much llama decor is actually available out there. I used 300 yards/3 skeins and did a simple knit 1 purl 1 slipping the first stitch of each row. I used size 8 needles across 36 sts which is a bit loose for sport weight but it worked out pretty good. I'm happy with both of them. On to the next project!

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